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CAYCE, SC 29033
TEL: 803-794-1213 FAX: 803-739-2179
W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. Inc. warrants each WESCO trailer to be free of defects for a period of one year to the first user purchaser only from the date of purchase. All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for intended use are limited in duration to the one year stated above unless applicable state law provides otherwise.
W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. inc. warrants the following parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship: Winch stand assembly, tongue assembly, frame assembly, fender and step assembly and brackets manufactured by W. C. Manufacturing & Specially Co. Inc.
The following items are warranted by other manufactures and therefore are not included within this warranty: Winch and strap, coupling, lights, brake systems, tires and wheels, axles and bearings, springs, jacks and rollers.
W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. Inc. will have repaired or replaced at its option any part or parts covered under this warranty at no cost to the owner within 60 days after necessary parts are available. All trailer repairs will be made at W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. Inc. plant in Cayce, SC unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
This warranty specifically does not include:
Damage caused by abuse, negligence, vandalism, lack of maintenance, improper storage, accident or overloading.
. Trailer altered or modified in any way.
Use of improperly installed weight distribution hitches in conjunction with hydraulic surge brakes.
Any additional damage caused by the owner's failure to promptly notify a WESCO dealer or W. C. Manufacturing Co. Inc. of a discovered defect within 30 days after such discovery.
Any statements, representations or warranties given by dealers or third persons other than those provided herein.
Any unit which is part of a rental fleet.
The following consequential damages: loss of time, inconvenience, towing charges, expenses for travel, lodging, telephone and gasoline, or loss of revenues.
Due to the highly corrosive conditions a trailer is exposed to, rust formation is not covered.
Upon discovery of a defect, the owner is to promptly contact a WESCO dealer who will initiate the corrective action under this warranty upon prior written authorization from W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. Inc. If there is no WESCO dealer within the practical vicinity, the owner is to contact W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. Inc.
W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Ca. Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of this or any other warranty, expressed or implied. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. All claims for shortage must be made within 10 days and accompanied by the packing list. A 10% handling charge will be made on all returns except defective merchandise.
W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co. Inc. reserves the right to change construction, specifications, prices and terms without obligation as to trailers already shipped and sold.
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DEALER NAME________________________________________________________________
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DATE PURCHASED______________ VIN/SERIAL NO._________________________________
By signing this warranty registration card I certify that I have read and understand the information provided within this packet, including trailer specifications and maintenance as well as the limited warranty and warranty claim procedures:
OWNERS SIGNATURE___________________________________________________________
CAYCE, SC 29033
TEL: 803-794-1213 FAX: 803-739-2179
Thank you for your purchase of a WESCO Boat Trailer.
A regular maintenance program should be implemented to help assure you of dependable service from your WESCO trailer. The recommended level of maintenance is stated below.
LUBRICATION: Proper lubrication will reduce friction between moving parts. Any working parts should be lubricated occasionally. Good lubrication will prolong the life of these parts.
WHEEL BEARINGS: Periodically check the amount of grease in the hubs. If more is needed, and you have a dust cover with a rubber boot, then all you do is remove the rubber boot and insert grease through the zerk fitting in the spindle of the axle. If you do not have a zerk fitting then you have to manually take the hub off to grease it. The hubs are a sealed unit and only require periodic maintenance or lubrication. Bearing maintenance is owner's responsibility. There is NO warranty on bearings and hubs. We recommend a bearing check twice a year. Always check and pack bearings before you put your trailer up for the winter or an extended period of time.
LIGHTS: Your WESCO Boat Trailer is equipped with lights which should be tested after attaching the trailer to the tow vehicle. Check turn signals, brake lights, clearance lights and wiring for proper working condition.
TIRES: Improper inflation will increase wear on a tire. Please check the inflation levels periodically. Also, have tires balanced and check tire pressure to validate warranty on trailer. Keeping lug nuts tight is owner's responsibility. Lug nuts on aluminum rims should be checked before you tow your trailer for the first time and at 50 mile and 100 mile increments to insure they are tight.
TONGUE JACK: It is important not to over extend your jack; doing so will strip or even brake the gears.
BRAKES: The brake fluid reservoir should be checked for fluid at least twice a year. Use DOT 3 brake fluid for your brake system. If you have drum brakes you should check shoe adjustment at least once a year, If you have disc brakes you must have a wire hooked from the brake solenoid to the back up lights of tow vehicle in order to disengage brakes for backing purposes. Both drum and disc brakes should be washed down immediately after use in saltwater.
SALTWATER: Saltwater increases wear on the trailer. If you use your WESCO trailer in saltwater rinse the trailer with fresh water immediately after using it.
DO NOT OVERLOAD TRAILER CAPACITY! For your protection, you may wish to stock a few extra supplies for your trailer, A spare tire and wheel, wheel bearings, bearing grease, tail light bulbs, tie-down lines and road flares may all be useful items to have on hand.
THANK YOU again, for your purchase of a WESCO Boat Trailer and happy, safe traileringl
W. C. Manufacturing & Specialty Co.; Inc.
2028 Charleston Hwy. Cayce S.C. 29033
51 Years 1954-2005
Tel.: 803-794-1213 Fax 803-739-2179
www.wescotrailers.net email:wescotrailers@scsr.com
Owners Must Read Before Towing Guide
1-Be sure that the weight on the ball is approximately 10% of the total weight of the boat motor and trailer.
2-Check for correct ball size and towing capacity.
3-Be sure if the trailer is a tandem and has torsion axle's that the frame of the trailer is parallel to the ground.
4-Check to be sure the coupler is on the ball and securely latched over the ball. 5-Be sure safety chains are crossed and secured to towing vehicle properly, so as if the trailer would come unhitched it would be held off ground. (See picture at bottom)
6-Be sure the trailer jack us up and secured.
7-Check that lug nuts are torqued to 90 lbs.
8-Be sure tires are inflated to proper inflation (cold). (The correct inflation is on the side wall of the tires)
9-Be sure and grease bearing after each trip to the water.
10-Be sure and check all lights to be sure they are working properly.
11-If trailer is equipped with brakes be sure and check master cylinder to have the proper amount of DOT 3 fluid.
12-Be sure to hook up breakaway cable of actuator to vehicle. (If it has ever been engaged by a breakaway or accidental not unhooking be sure that it is disengaged to keep brakes from dragging causing brakes to heat up.)
13-Have boat secured at bow eye and transom.

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