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Wesco Trailers | Serving the Marine Industry Since 1954 Serving the Marine Industry Since 1954


Our team at Wesco is committed to make the best quality boat trailers on the market.  We also feel a social responsibility to give back – it is our way of showing commitment to our customers, dealers and employees.  We want to help fight cancer – it is something that has affected me personally and I know it has also impacted the lives of many of our team members. As the President of Wesco I want to tell you about the recent loss of a very close friend and what I am going to do to help.

In Memory of my buddy – Bob Blue…


bob blue The following will tell you a bit about Bob.

I attended Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario from 1982-87 for engineering.  I was lucky to have Bob in my class in my first year – very quickly we developed a friendship that eventually lasted 32 years.  Bob was a very positive influence in my life.  He was intelligent – very quick at learning the course content at school – as well as quick wit – he was always able to make people laugh.  As our schooling progressed, our friendship became tighter – to the point that when I used to walk around campus, people would often ask me – where’s Bob?  We were known as Les and Bob – and rarely were we apart.  Any time we were out on the town, for sure we were together.

After graduation, we found ourselves working on the east side of Toronto, so we rented a house together and lived in what is called the Beaches.  We shared this house for 4 years until I got married in 1992.  We both lived in the beach and saw each other frequently until his job took him to Guatemala – Bob was a Chemical Engineer working in the cement industry.  His jobs took him from Guatemala to Colorado, then Geneva, Switzerland and then finally in Bethlehem, PA.  All during this time, Bob and I would make an effort to connect at least a couple times a year.

He passed away this past October after having a battle with kidney, liver, lung and bone cancer – he did not catch a break – each time the doctors thought they could beat it, they didn’t – in the end, cancer wrestled his life from him.  I also know that cancer doesn’t always beat us though – my wife (Lisa) had breast cancer, but fortunately she beat the odds and is now 5+ years healthy.

We have to celebrate the lives of those that we have lost.  As well, I feel strongly that we need to do something to continue finding solutions for this disease.  Wesco is committed to donating $5 from every trailer sale towards Cancer research – our part to help with the cause.


We welcome other companies to consider this challenge and help in their own way.


Les Barsony, President

WC Manufacturing & Specialty Co Inc – proud manufacturer of Wesco branded trailers for over 60 years